Lyme Disease Symptoms


Lyme disease has many facets.


" Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease. Since it has many different facets, it is unfortunately difficult to recognize."



Commonly known symptoms:

• unexplained fatigue

• migrating joint pain

• burning sensation in the skin or the soles of the feet

• prolonged flu-like symptoms

• concentration, memory or coordination disorders

• muscular stiffness with warm-up problems

• In 50 percent of the cases, people with Lyme disease do not recall a tick bite. About 35 percent of the patients do not exhibit       the typical migrating rash in a bull's-eye pattern.

The Bavarian Forest Lyme Disease Center offers:


• comprehensive advice

• detailed step-by-step laboratory diagnostics

• clarification of co-factors

• adequate antibiosis with concomitant therapy

• cooperation with the German Borreliosis Society



Our center is TÜV-certified according to DIN ISO 9001-2008

Dr. med. Richard Straube (MD)


• Internal medicine

• Nephrology

• Hypertensiology

• Environmental Medicine

• INUSpheresis®


Dr. Alaskar Suliman

• general practitioner

• Cardiology



Dr. Olga Mirankova 

• general Practitioner

• Endocrinologist

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